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Names Lexicon

In a digital age where almost everything is done via the web, interactions, communication, running of day-to-day activities with teams and constantly linking up with new people every day, we owe it to ourselves to find out all there is to know about these people, those we meet, new friends search lists via social our social media accounts, new interactions all through their First Names.


NAMES LEXICON – Official Brand Product of  BEULAH MEDIA LIMITED is a sub-educative information networking media support service that is geared toward strategic communication management for diverse industries and individual development. Initially proposed to be launched in prints with continuously updated editions from results of extensive research, promoters of the product due to advancements in technology, took the turn in trend to publishing in structures of a digital online platform that is consistently updated and accessible by everyone, globally.


In simple terms, NAMES LEXICON is simply a digital data platform that tells you all there is to know about a name i.e pronunciation, origin, meaning, and the predictive personalities of the bearer of that name based on the results of extensive collation on diverse analysis irrespective of their cultural heritage or region. Users can also take advantage of this by adding new names to the platform to earn Lexi points and earn from an accumulation of these points(where terms and conditions apply.

The Names lexicon also creates a platform that cuts across all languages and ethnicity making it easy to search for names in different languages and from different countries while also providing a voicing feature that allows you to listen to the pronunciation of these names or search a name by just Calling the name.

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