You Own the Meaning to Your NAME

Parents nowadays have learned to not go with the norms of Naming their children with preexisting names and want to give they the best of the best by redefining new names from the old ones and making them unique. Here is a classic example.

You Own the Meaning to Your NAME

Shaming a Mother for her choice of name right or wrong?
A lady on Tiktok has gained worldwide attention as she reveals the atrocious issue somebody said to her regarding her daughter's distinctive name.
She said
“I gave my girl a traditional name but changed the spelling – individuals say I’ve spoilt the name but I don’t care”. 
Whereas a few parents will go down the normal route and select a classic name for their infant, others may need to name their child after something a bit more unique. 
This woman named her child Dafni and Dafni is a female Greek name whose origins are found in the ancient Greek mythology. Dafni means “laurel” in Greek and it has been used since the antiquity. Dafni is a variation of Daphne (English and German) and It became a popular name in the English speaking world as well, during the middle ages and on.
The spelling “Dafni” looks a lot like the Greek way of writing the name, this is why it is chosen over the more common name “Daphne”. The pronunciation of this name is DAEFNiy.
The mum said: “I don’t have a normal baby, I have a Dafni who is half Greek and half English. She also stated that she needed to give her girl a more traditional name even it means combining it with her husband’s Greek legacy; hence Dafni and not Daphne.
While some Tiktok users loved the name Dafni, some hated it and even went as far as saying “Dafni is a psychiatric clinic, Daphne is the actual name”.
But the foot line is, you need your child to cherish their name yes? Then go right ahead and give your child whatever name you deem fit! 
Names Lexicon love the name Dafni and we stand with you super mum.

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